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Seda Funded Incubator

Seda Funded Incubator (Plant and Animal Production Incubation)

This initiative is financially supported by Seda, situated in Hatfield, Pretoria. MASDT commenced with this initiative in August 2007 when 20 farming ventures around Hazyview and Malelane areas in Mpumalanga were recruited and contracted to be developed within this structure for 3 years. Currently more than 110 emerging Agri Businesses in Mpumalanga and Limpopo are supported. This figure changes yearly when 3rd years graduate and new intakes are contracted.

The main focus areas of the Incubator initiative are:

  • Facilitating the Agriculture Incubation concept in different Provinces.
  • Incorporating technical skills, business management, social development and life skills to emerging AgriBusinesses to improve confidence and capacity to explore and try various income generating opportunities in Agriculture.
  • Providing on-site consultancy, extension and technology services.
  • Provide assistance in the fields of business advice, monitoring, financial and administrative control and support.
  • Provide national recognition of development initiatives when exiting the Incubator.
  • Provide a mechanical/technology platform for the utilization of Entrepreneurs.

The selection criteria for Incubatees are:

  • Representatives of projects/farming ventures must be 18 years and above
  • Must be from previously disadvantaged groups
  • Must have a vivid interest in agriculture
  • Numeracy and literacy level 2 (ABET)
  • Must preferably be part of the decision-making structure
  • Must have proof of land or access to minimum 5h land for at least 3 years
  • Must currently be part of the agriculture value chain
Potential New Agriculture Ventures/Incubatees are being assessed to determine the level of skills and establish the gap which Incubation needs to address.

The actual incubation stages are made up of the following components:
  • Business Start-up Principles
  • Technical and Technology Skills Transfer
  • Completion of a structured mentorship programme
  • Marketing of Produce
  • Production Recoverable Grant
  • Assistance with Mechanisation
  • Creation of Sustainable Infrastructure

Exit Criteria for Incubatees:

  • After minimum 3 years of full-time Incubation.
  • After formal successful assessment of farming venture.
  • Verification of proficient knowledge on sustainability planning, financial management and established market delivery.
  • SMME’s must able to produce on a minimum of 5ha.
  • Turn-over or sales and harvest of an SMME must be consistent for at least 3 production cycles.
  • SMME’S should be trading and making a profit.
  • The Incubatees must be able to conduct excellent recordkeeping for the enterprise.
  • The SMME’s must convince MASDT that it can operates independently.

During the 2021/22 financial year, the following results were achieved:

Seda Funding Stream (R5m)

98 Clients

50 Jobs Created

50 Animal

48 Plant Production

Successful Incubatees are recognized with a nationally recognized certificate at a Graduation Ceremony.

The different areas of Incubation support are:

Nelspruit Branch

Kragbron Street
Canary Walk Business Park
South Africa

Pretoria Branch

Extension 3457

Inkwazi Building

Block C
Embankment Road
Zwartkop X7

Contact Details

+27(0)13 753 2470
(F) +27(0)13 755 4028

+27(0)12 643 3400



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